Prolonged TV viewing linked to lower sperm count

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Men who do little exercise and spend much of their spare time watching TV have lower sperm counts than more active men, a study suggests.

Clocking up 20 hours a week of TV time appears to be detrimental, the US authors from Harvard say in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Yet 15 hours or more of exercise a week boosts semen quality, according to the results in nearly 200 college students.

Men who were the most physically active, doing 15 hours or more of moderate to vigorous exercise each week by playing football, baseball or basketball for example, had sperm counts which were 73% higher than those who were least physically active.

Those who spent lots of time watching TV or DVDs - at least 20 hours a week - had a sperm count that was 44% lower than men who spent little time in front of the box.

It's easy to see how a lifestyle with more TV viewing could easily have more sitting.  Maybe the sitting is providing too much dosage of testicular overheating? To avoid overheating, grab a cold one. Use The Underdog whenever sitting for longer than 20 minutes at a time.